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Welcome to the world of James Benjamin Pike, author of the memoir “UFO Surfer,” coming in ​the Summer of 2024, and a renowned UFO artist living in Goleta, California. Join me on a ​journey through the enigmatic realms of UFO encounters, psychic phenomena, and the cosmic ​connections that shape our lives as experiencers of the unexplained.

As a lifelong surfer and intuitive artist, my inspiration comes from the universe’s vastness and ​my coastal surroundings. My father, Jerry Pike, a remarkable ceramic artist from Whidbey ​Island, Washington, has been a profound influence on me. He describes himself as a ‘ceramic ​archaeologist’, specializing in re-creating Mesoamerican and Native American art from the ​Southwest. Our trips to the Southwest to view petroglyphs and pictographs, particularly in ​Horseshoe Canyon near Moab, Utah, have significantly shaped my artistic perspective. You can ​read more about his unique artistry in the Whidbey News-Times: “Primitive thinking inspires ​clay artist: Oak Harbor’s Jerry Pike creates new ideas from ancient artifacts”.

My encounters with non-human intelligence have enriched my life’s narrative and deepened ​my understanding of the unknown. Since childhood, I’ve been a medium, communicating with ​other realms. A pivotal moment occurred in 2006 when an extraterrestrial entity contacted me ​on the freeway, almost colliding with my U-Haul truck. It imparted the revelation that ‘all is ​one’, steering me on a path of artistic and personal quest.

In “UFO Surfer,” I offer not just a recounting of my extraordinary UFO encounters, but also a ​deeply personal narrative intertwined with my original UFO art. Each piece is a visual testament ​to my experiences, capturing the essence of my telepathic communications with otherworldly ​beings. My sensitivity from a young age, coupled with my inherently psychically attuned ​mother, has made my heart a conduit for messages from beyond.

Thank you for joining me on this cosmic odyssey. I hope that we can all be ambassadors, of ​something greater than ourselves in the path of righteousness. May finding this website bless ​you beyond your wildest beliefs. Love you. 🍕🦉🙏🏼

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